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Provides retail and wholesale telecommunications services and products, including pre-paid and rechargeable calling cards and wholesale carrier services

About GoFibe !

GoFibe blooms to expand business in more than Ontario and across Canada. Our head office is located in Toronto. Our worldwide domain and partnership benefit our clients, as each one is able to take advantage of the shared learnings that we gain by participating in such a wide array of markets. Being a young wholesale VoIP telecommunications provider for residential & as well as commercial has allowed us to build some of the most advanced technology in the market today.

We value technology because it increases value. We know that, at the end of the day, our job is to please our customers so they can please theirs. We are                                                                        professionals who are attentive, responsive, flexible,                                                          accountable, and a pleasure to work with

We believe in the proactive power of continually challenging ourselves to anticipate issues and make our solutions even better.We treat every customer call with a strong sense of urgency

We work hard to give our customers a positive experience every time. We will be the team that people want to be on, and work with


Always Available

If you have any issues with your account please tell us what the problem is and we’ll get back to you.

Always Available

We accept requests and phone calls 24/7 so you could resolve any problem whenever you need. Our emergency team will be at your place...

Fair Prices

Our prices are both fair and affordable for all people. Refer a Friend and Get One month service on us

Fair Prices

Our prices are both fair and affordable for all people. We offer flexible discount system so you could use any service you need.

Qualified Agents

We are known for consistently delivering quality work, done when you need it, by qualified people.

Qualified Agents

All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled agents. All of them are being trained according to the latest technologies.

Best Offers

Protects the public interest by being accountable to the public, such that Gofibe accepts responsibility for their actions and deliver what they promise to deliver

Best Offers

We provide discounts on the most popular services and on the season services, so you could definitely receive any help without delay.

What is power cycling and how does it help ?

If you're facing networking issues, we recommend power cycling both the modem and router. Power down the devices for at least 3 minutes before restarting the devices

The best thing you can do when switching get Tips & Advice Ask Our Experts

Flashing lights is a good sign. It means data is traveling through your connection to your device. If there are no lights, or they appear static in an “on” capacity, try restarting your router to see if this may improve your connection.

The speed of service you will want depends on what you like to use the internet for, as well as how many devices you intend to have on the internet. Our Basic service (6mbps) is perfect for those to use the internet to check emails, use online services such as banking, and other day-to-day activities. However, if you like to watch videos online (such as Netflix and Hulu), or play games online (such as Minecraft) or with gaming systems (X-Box, PS3), we recommend our Premium (25mbps) or Premium Plus (50mbps) services for those activities. These speeds are also recommended if you have many devices that will be on the internet at the same time.

You will receive an invoice by email every month. You may make a payment through our ‘My Account’ link on https://gofibe.ca/myaccount. or call our office at (647) 797-5000 (Credit Card) or void cheque (Cash, Credit, void cheque).

  • look at your modem box (the top 4 lights should be blue to show you have power and a live DSL connection to the Internet)
  • if the top light is Blue, but the second line is Red, check the cable connection to the modem to make sure it is plugged in all the way to wall jack. If the plug is in tight, contact GoFibe at (647) 797-5000 to report the problem.

YES, Your monthly recurring bill will stay the same, no matter how much usage.